RH Fisheries Carp For Sale

We are now taking orders for November 2018 for our C2, C3 and C4 Superfreaks. We are also taking orders for November 2019 for our big rig babies which will then be C3’s.

C2 Superfreaks

These are just some of the C2 Superfreaks we are growing this year. For Sale November 2018.

They are typical examples of our C2 Superfreaks, Occasionally we get the odd scaley/linear fish but generally they are deep bodied, high shouldered fast growers with very few scales.

Price: £75 per fish averaging 3lb+

Delivery: Minimum order quantity for delivery 30 x C2’s

These are some of the C2's we stocked this year, to give you an idea of a typical batch of our C2 Superfreaks.

Typical examples of our C2 superfeaks

C3 Superfreaks

These are some of the C3's from this year, again they are typical examples of our C3 Superfreaks.

These ones weighed 9-11lb but on average this years C3 Superfreaks were 7-10lb+

Price: C3 under 10lb £150/Fish
C3 Weighing 10lb+ £200/Fish.

Delivery: Minimum order quantity for delivery 15 x C3 Under 10lb or 10x C3 over 10lb

C4 Superfreaks limited quantity available November 2018.


They are Commons & Mirrors! The mirrors are quite scaley like this picture of a fish delivered this year. Our Weston park strain will be available as C2 and C3’s only for November 2018.

Weston Park strain Prices

7lb - 9lb 15oz£11/lb
10lb-11lb 15oz£13/lb
12lb-14lb 15oz£16/lb
15lb-16lb 15oz£20/lb
17lb-19lb 15oz£450/fish
20lb-22lb 15oz£550/fish
23lb-24lb 15oz£750/fish
all prices are subject to VAT~

Big Rigs Babies available November 2019

These are the fry from two very special female fish which are already this size on 24/08/2016 having spawned in may.

One of the females used was 'Big Rig' the UK's largest Carp and the other stunning longer female weighed 43-00lb and is still growing very fast.

*These photos are from September 2016*

*These photos are from November 2017*

We will not be selling these fish until November 2019 but if you would like to place an order call us on 01952 463141 or E-Mail us on rhfisheries@gmail.com already sold 60% of the fish available for 2019


See minimum order quantity for applicable sizes

For all enquiries please call
01952 463141

Health Check

All fish are supplied with a current health check, a copy of which will be provided with every order.