Key Facts

  • 17 acres big lake
  • 120 carp
  • Lake record 49.04lbs
  • 7.5 acres lower lake
  • 62 carp (21 original)
  • 5 fish of 40lbs+
  • 16 big 30's
  • Lake Record 'Bill' 54lb
  • 42 young stockies - 12lbs to 18lb+


  • Basic porter toilets


Open access booking for top lake for up to eight anglers and lower lake for up to six anglers.

 Contact Alex on 01952 463 141 or email

Acton Burnell

Acton Burnell is famous for both its fish and spectacular scenery, and many famous anglers have visited these lakes to catch its huge carp.  There are two lakes at Acton, both can be very tricky, but there are some fantastic catches every season. 

I took control of the lakes in 1992, shortly after they were drained, emptied, limed, fertilised and de-silted and then re-stocked with the magnificent carp that reside there today.  Since 1994 both Acton Lakes have been run as very exclusive syndicate waters, and there has always been a two year waiting list.

The Fish

In the lower lake in 1993 we introduced 96 young carp, three to five years old weighing between 10lbs and 24lbs. Over the years we have gradually de-stocked to maximise the potential of the best fish.  The lower lake now holds 20 originals, nearly all of which are big 30's together with 40's and a 50lbs common the lake record "Bill" at 55-04lbs, along with at least five other 40's. In addition there are 42 young hand picked doubles that are growing well for the future. 

The top lake holds approximately 120 fish of which 25 fish are different 40's.  Yes, 25 different 40's. These include a current lake record mirror of 49.10lbs and a common of 48.11lbs. In addition to the big girls there are approximately 60 different 30's.  

Open Access

If you want to fish Acton and can't get into the syndicate then try booking one of our open access weeks. You can book the lake's exclusively for small groups of 6-8 anglers. Open access runs from mid April to the end of May. We are now taking bookings for 2013. For more information and prices ring Alex on 01952 463141.




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Acton Stunners

Acton Burnell

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Matt Woods landing monument 2 first ever 40lber

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