Monument 1 - When To Fish

From November 1st to the end of February, Maggots are aloud on both lakes.

Notice: You have 20 minutes to complete checkout after adding your first peg to the cart, after this time the peg will be released for someone else to book. A 50% deposit and £1 Booking fee per peg is required today to secure your peg, remainder payable on the day.

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3 Aug 2020
6 Aug 2020
8 Aug 2020
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Our sessions are Approximately 36hrs long

Summer Months(April - October) these start at 6:30 in the morning on the first day of the session and finishes on the second day at 6:30/7:00pm. (36 hours fishing)

Winter Months(November - March) 7:00 am start on the first day and finish on the second day at dusk.

  • Monday -Tuesday session
  • Thursday - Friday session
  • Saturday - Sunday session

Anglers booking consecutive sessions are now allowed to stay in their bivvies on the swim providing they hand their rods in at the fishery office at the end of the first session. For example fishing a Thursday/Friday and Saturday/Sunday session back to back the angler can remain in the swim Friday night but no fishing allowed and Rods must be handed in. Rods will be kept securely locked up and handed back at the start of the second session (Saturday morning).

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How to Book

The preferred method to book your session is online, our system shows the most up to date availability and allows you to pay your deposit by PayPal. If you prefer we can still take bookings over the phone and your deposit will be payable by cheque. We ask for a 50% deposit to secure your session with the remaining balance due on the day.


Anglers fishing the monument complex can only use our bait. This is for the welfare of our fish, and the fisheries. We have quality boilies made with the finest ingredients, and made to a highest quality and more importantly we know whats In them and how good they are for the fish. Bait can be added to your booking and collected on the day of your session. Alternatively you can just buy on the day.