Bait Boat hire for The Mere

We highly recommend a bait boat on The Mere, as it suits the style of fishing, with the exception of Pegs 1, 2 & 3 which control the deep water of the lake, all other swims have no peg on the opposite bank, therefore the casting distance can vary from 70 yards, to over 120 yards. So a bait boat would be a huge advantage in placing your rigs and bait effectively along the far margin. 

The Mere is the only RH Fisheries venue that bait boats are allowed.

For Bait Boat hire we recomend using Raves Waves Ltd for a proven and reliable hire service. 

They offer a 3 or 6 day hire with the option to collect from Raves Waves or arrange delivery to The Mere.

Boats are hired with 2 sets of batteries and a solar charger for in session charging.

Contact Dave on: 07799234610 or visit