Created in 1812 this truly magnificent lake was designed by Capability Brown. In 1999 RH fisheries took control of the lake and the spectacular boathouse, which is located on the fishery. 

The lake is fished by a syndicate, with well-known anglers such as Matt Hayes, Chris Tarrant and Des Taylor all visitors to Weston.

There are 15 swims well spread around the lake, all finished with bark chippings to keep the swims clean, these are pinned with tree trunks to ensure they look natural. The average depth is approximately 3ft with a maximum depth of 6ft near the outlet. 

*NEW* Fish stocks

The lake holds 250 large fish, of which 150+ are over 20lbs with an average weight of 24lbs, there is a big head of upper 20's and many 30's! The two best fish this season were commons weighing 40lb 08oz and 39lb 08oz. There are approximately 60% mirrors and 40% commons, with the best mirror to date of 39lb 08oz. Weston is a water that is progressing fast, It is common for anglers to catch over ten fish in a 24 hour session.
November 2016: Another 134 Stunning C2's were stocked in Weston, the future is very promising:



The Weston fish love boilies. We are feeding the new RH Baits range of boilies, which can be made available for your visit and have already produced some impressive captures.

Open Access

For six weeks from mid-April to the end of May each season, we sell full lake exclusive bookings, for groups of up to eight anglers. You get the fishery and boathouse exclusively to yourselves. Please contact us on 01952 463141 if you are interested or email info@rhfisheries.com 

WESTON PARK Carp Syndicate Rules

1, 3 x rods are allowed

2, Braid on marker / spod rod only.

3, spods / spombs etc  must float

4, No boats of any kind

5, No retaining slings are allowed on site

6, No Zig Rigs, Ronnie Rigs or 360 Rigs or anything similar

7, Chest waders are allowed for photographing fish only, you cannot wade out Rigs.

8, All Nuts are banned

9, Zigs are banned

10, No plastic baits

11, Leadless lead core leaders only

12, No pets are allowed

13,No guests are allowed on the fishery ( members only )

14,Time Rule : you can only visit the fishery once per week, if you fish every week then the maximum time you can stay is 48 hrs or if you fish every other week ie twice per month you can stay 72 hours.

15, Boathouse guests : please respect there privacy,the left & right Boathouse swims & African Tree swim are reserved for the Boathouse guests.

16, No Drones are permitted on the fishery.

17, No wading further than 1 rod length.

18, Please send your photos to rhfisheries@gmail.com

Please note that certain updates have been made to the Rules of Weston Park on our website:www.rhfisheries.com. Your continued use of your membership will be deemed acceptance of the changes to the Rules set out in the Overview section of the Syndicate.

Finally if you break the rules you will be asked to leave the fishery and banned immediately

If you are not happy with any of the rules call us on 01952-463141 for a re-fund before the season starts. We have a long waiting list, so your place can be given to another angler immediately.

Weston Park offer the following facilities during open access and for boathouse guest's

The Boathouse

The magnificent boathouse was built in 1812 and is now a grade II listed building.  It is located over the lake, with two superb swims on either side.  The boathouse is in superb condition with facilities including central heating, shower and washroom, separate toilet, oak kitchen with cooker, fridge and bait freezer and a luxurious bedroom with twin beds that opens out onto a patio overlooking the lake.

Open Access

Basic porter toilets are provided during open access and an outside tap for drinking water is located near the boathouse

Apply in writing to:

Rob Hales
Badger Hall
Badger Lane
Burnhill Green

Add details about where you fished in recent years, you will receive a confirmation letter by return to inform you that you are on the waiting list.




Weston Park Statistics


40lb 08oz

Lake Record (July 2020)