The History

The Avenue is located in the grounds of Rob Hales’s own home. It was dug in the late 17th Century as a pool to provide ice for the ice house. In 2007 permission was granted to extend The Avenue, major excavation and landscaping was undertaken to create the wonderful 10.2 acre lake that is now The Avenue. The Avenue operates as a syndicate only.

The Lake and Fish

The lake is home to in excess of 15 x 50lb plus fish residing in there, there is 140 fish in here with 75% of the fish being over 30lb, we have records of over 55 fish in excess of 40lb with a lake record of 65lb 02oz (September 2018) which is the biggest carp in england as of January 2017.


The objective of the Avenue remains the same growing the carp as big as possible, we have already de-stocked 70 fish to make sure the biggest fish always have plenty of room to maximise their growth potential, and we will keep de-stocking in the future.



1, 2 x rods only

2, Braid can only be used on spod & marker rod

3, spods must float

4, No boats of any kind

5, No drones of any kind

6, No Zig Rigs, Ronnie Rigs or 360 Rigs or anything similar

7, No plastic baits

8, No pets allowed

9, No guests allowed ( except closed season )

10, TIME RULE : you can only visit the fishery once per week, if you fish every week the maximum

Time you can stay is 48 hrs or if you fish every other week ie twice per month you can stay for 72 hours

11, Arrival time, you cannot arrive at the fishery or leave in darkness, in the winter if it’s tight after work call me 07785-336765 to agree

12, No shelf life boilies

13, No self take photography.

14, If your fishing more than 18 wraps to the bar  you're too far ( don’t fish into the gaps )

15, we have added bark chip to the swims to make them quieter, so some longer bivvy pegs can be useful .

16, No maggots or worms


CARP CARE : The most important thing, when you land a fish

( Get everything ready before the carp comes out of the water )

1, leave the carp in the landing net , with the landing net in the net station for 10 mins whilst you get sorted, scales, camera etc.

2, cut the line , roll the net down

3, slide the sling under the net & Fish and ideally 2 x people lift the carp out onto the mat

4, Keep pouring water onto the fish.

5, just take 6 photos and get the fish back

6, ideally 2 people carry the fish back with the sling bars apart, so you do not squash the belly of the fish, hold the carp in the water until she kicks off

NEW RULES : As a Syndicate evolves new rules need to come into place to ensure the well being of the carp, these are as follows.

1, No nuts of any kind including tiger nuts

( particles like hemp, corn,maize, wheat, chick peas,maples ,tares etc are ok )

2, No naked Rigs can be used, also No naked chods, you must use rig tubing on all your rigs

With a minimum length of 12 inches. Chods can only be fished with tubing .

This is because 2 big fish “ DD” and “ junior” both lost big scales due to naked rigs and lost weight.

( when I fished the social I used tubing it made no difference and I know paul viner uses rig tubing

and he has caught the most fish for the last 2 seasons )

3, When I bait up from the boat, if you want me  to bait up a spot for you!  cast a marker float out and I will know, if there’s no marker float I will avoid you and bait as far away as possible.

4, Both rods must be fishing in your swim, you cannot cast them into the next swim because the fishery is quiet, if you need to move just move, it affects the movements and behaviour of the fish.


A few Tips

The quieter you are the better your chance, minimise casting & spoding

Pin the line down

Put pellets in your mix, I feed 11mm pellets with the maize. ( we sell them at the monument )

Please note that certain updates have been made to the Rules of The Avenue on our Your continued use of your membership will be deemed acceptance of the changes to the Rules set out in the Overview section of the Syndicate.

Finally enjoy your fishing & respect your fellow angler


The Avenue boasts five star facilities which include a luxury log cabin that features:

- Power shower

- Toilet

- Bedroom

- Fully fitted kitchen

- TV room

- Bait chest freezer

- Together with a separate toilet and shower block at the opposite end of the lake.

Apply in writing to:

Rob Hales
Badger Hall
Badger Lane
Burnhill Green

Add details about where you fished in recent years, you will receive a confirmation letter by return to inform you that you are on the waiting list.




The Avenue Statistics


65lb 2oz

Lake Record (September 2018)