The Sitch is a naturally formed breath taking 26 acre estate lake, surrounded by mature dense woodland that boasts a spectacular variety of trees, and is home to a diverse range of wildlife.

The fishery has 20 purpose built pegs, some are situated in the woodland and others on purpose built platforms set out on the lakeside amongst the reed and sedges.

The lake is stocked with 450 young monument strain carp. These fish range from 12lbs-50lbs+ and are growing at a healthy rate, with the number of 20’s and 30's increasing each month! There are in excess of 120 x 30lbs fish with the lake record currently standing at 50lb 10oz. The number of 40's is increasing by the month with 10 x 40lbers.

The future looks promising for the Sitch as the fish continue to grow. With 450 fish multiple catches are a common place, these fish really respond to heavy baiting tactics and with depth’s not exceeding 4ft you are never too far away from your target.


The Sitch is run as a syndicate from June to April and is a great way to start your fishing career on an RH Fisheries syndicate water. Joining the Sitch couldn’t be simpler, just send us a letter with a bit about yourself and your recent angling or pick up the phone and contact the office on 01952 463 141.

Open Access

Through the months of April and May we operate an open access policy, we sell the lake exclusively from Sat- Sat for groups of up to 12 anglers. With 26 acres of water to target and 20 well spaced swims, there loads of room

Call the office on 01952-463141 for more details.

Holiday Swim

This swim is open for bookings 12 months of the year! It is a superb giant stoned swim, purpose built for 2 anglers to enjoy, offering plenty of room for two bivvies, either side of a picnic table, making the swim very comfortable. There is a Unhooking mat/ cradle on the swim, so you only need your landing net and weigh sling.

We sell the swim on a half week or full week basis only for two anglers.

The Holiday Swim commands its own large private bay with views looking across the stunning 26 acre fishery.

From April 2021 Holiday swim guests are able to use bait boats to help you get the most from your stay! 

The swim also has its own private eco toilet for guests.

To book call the office on 01952-463141



Anglers can have food delivered to the notice board at main car park from the following:

Local Red Lion Pub - 01952 691779

SITCH Carp syndicate Rules

  1. 2 Rods Max
  2. Barbless hooks ONLY (NO crushed barbs)
  3. Braid to be used on Marker/Spod rods only
  4. Spods and Spombs must float
  5. Minimum Breaking strain reel line 15lb
  6. NO boats of any kind
  7. No braided leaders
  8. No retaining slings allowed on site
  9. No Drones are permitted
  10. No Ronnie rigs, 360 rigs or rigs that feature direct Hook to swivel/clip attachment
  11. Tiger Nuts and Peanuts are banned
  12. Zigs are banned
  13. No Plastic baits
  14. Leadless leadcore Leaders only
  15. All lead systems must be fish friendly in the event of a crack off /bite off
  16. NO pets are allowed
  17. No Guests are allowed on site
  18. No shelf-life baits allowed
  19. Time rule- You can only visit the fishery once a week, if you fish every week then the maximum time you can stay is 48 hrs, if you fish every other week ie twice per month you can stay for 72hrs.
  20. Please respect ‘Holiday Swim’ guests who are also visiting the fishery
  21. Pictures to be taken on the bank only or water shots only
  22. No wading over 3 meters from your swim
  23. Please email your catch pics to Bob and Harry on
  24. No Self take photography

Please note that certain updates have been made to the Rules of The Sitch on our Your continued use of your membership will be deemed acceptance of the changes to the Rules set out in the Overview section of the Syndicate.

Finally if you break the rules you will be asked to leave the fishery and banned immediately. If you are not happy with any of the rules call us on 01952 463141 for a refund before the season commences. We have a long waiting list so your place can be given to another member.

Rob Hales and Ed Matthews


Anglers can have food delivered to the notice board at main car park from the following:

Local Red Lion Pub - 01952 691779

Apply in writing to:

Rob Hales
Badger Hall
Badger Lane
Burnhill Green

Add details about where you fished in recent years, you will receive a confirmation letter by return to inform you that you are on the waiting list.




The Sitch Statistics


52lb 00oz

Lake Record (May 202)